About us

The history of the KHT company dates back to 1989, as a small enterprise, which united the engineering and technical staff in the company. The main area of activity was the design, installation and commissioning of industrial and heat engineering equipment. We are one of the first firms, which from the very beginning of its existence and still aims to introduce modern solutions in the field of heating technology and sanitary systems.

Today, KHT is a powerful industrial company with more than 100 employees. The production and warehouse space of the company is more than 15000 m2.

We conduct production and trading activities in the field of modern heat supply systems, develop projects and implement them. The company has created a design office, which generates new modern solutions in the field of heat supply. We have developed and introduced a wide range of accumulation tanks, thermal energy distribution equipment, indirect water heaters and other projects.

A clear management system and maximum utilization of our potential have given us a stable position in the Ukrainian market. We are always trying to find the right solution by adopting a flexible approach to customer needs. We strive to continue to meet your needs and work together to solve emerging issues. We look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation.