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Thermal stores

Thermal stores (also known as accumulation or buffer tanks), designed to accumulate, store and transfer heat to a heating or cooling system, obtained from various heat sources of non-constant action, or when it is necessary to quickly use or absorb large amounts of thermal energy. Used in systems with solid fuel boilers, solar collectors, heat pumps.



Indirect water heaters

Indirect water heater (also known as indirect tank) serves to heat the water using the heat of the heating system. The range of water heaters of our production provides heating and storage of water for both individual use and on an industrial scale. Indirect water heaters  can be installed in apartments, hotels, sports complexes, at industrial enterprises.


Hydraulic separators

The hydraulic separators serves for the hydrodynamic balancing of the heating system. They also serves to remove air from the heating system and filter the dirt by a mesh separator (slime dispenser).


Heat exchangers

A heat exchanger serves for the transfer of thermal energy between two isolated environments and the separation of heating circuits.

Can be connect to sources of supply or consumption of thermal energy e.g. accumulation tanks or hot water heaters.


Expansion vessels

Expansion tanks, or expansion vessels, serve to compensate for the thermal expansion in the system and to prevent hydraulic shock.

Expansion vessels of our production are used both in heating systems and hot water supply systems.


The manifolds serve to distribute coolant in the heating system. They allows you to adjust the volume of the coolant entering the system, its temperature, pressure in the system, etc. With this device, it is possible to control the heating of each individual room provided by its own heating circuit.

Mixing modules

The mixing module serves for mixing of flows of coolant of different temperature. A necessary element of a floor heating, since the temperature of the coolant in solid fuel boilers and other heating systems can significantly exceed the optimal temperature of the floor heating.

Safety groups

Safety groups are used to protect closed systems of heating and hot water from excessive pressure, as well as to automatically remove air from the system. The installed pressure gauge allows you to control the pressure of the system.


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